Hi! We are Triin and Charlene. Until the end of April 2016 we lived and worked in London, UK. Worked hard. Grafted and built a life together, even bought a flat (what?! I know!). We were very lucky, we know that. However, for a while something felt missing. The work-earn-spend-work-earn-spend formula just wasn’t doing it for us anymore. Did it ever? We wanted more.

This blog is about our journey through the world. Forgive us as we’re just beginners in this field – we don’t have fancy sponsors and we might not be so great at editing everything into wonderful bites of awesomeness. You might even need to endure a typo here and there. Maybe one day we’ll reach perfection (right!) or maybe we’ll just stick with our raw and sometimes uncomfortable style.  The world is literally our oyster.

Happy reading!

Triin and Charlene


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