I’m counting the UK as our “first” country because we had lived in London for the past 12 years. Leaving London now means we’re officially homeless. Bed 1 in Country 1

It was strange, the first morning waking up somewhere new, knowing that this was the first step on our journey. We woke up excited, nervous, exhausted and hungry. The previous day had been yet another busy day of packing, cleaning and sorting our flat, and the day finally came where we had to leave not only or flat of 2 and a half years but also our home, London.

Most of our stuff had been packed into 12 boxes and sent to Sweden (where Triin’s parents’ live). We left the flat armed with 2 large backpacks, 2 smaller ones, handbags, a box of stuff to be given away, a bottle of expensive wine, a bottle of champagne we bought to celebrate and the world’s smallest rental car.

So first morning away, staying at Abbey Hotel in High Wycombe – a small town north of London where my cousin lives. I thought it fitting to say goodbye to family first. Our breakfast at the hotel was definitely so far away from what we’d become accustomed to. Our area back in London was this up and coming area with more and more cafes with veggie breakfast and soya lattes were opening – we loved those. However, at the Hotel they served  something that resembled scrambled eggs, mushrooms floating in oil and what I think they call coffee which – I assume – would be better used as petrol in a car.

We looked at each other in almost a panic, knowing that it was too late to go back to London.Was this going to be our life now?!  I was also shocked to find I’d become the type who couldn’t function without my soya latte and I realised half an hour later after we’d tracked down a Costa coffee, that I would have to change real soon.In the long term, I wouldn’t be ok with having a breakdown every time I can’t get my soya latte or didn’t like the pillow or my bedside table was dusty. But, it’s only day one.

This is the path we have chosen – living out of our backpacks, the unknown lurking behind every corner, not knowing what we’ll be eating next. For now it made me happy to know that the hole that is Abbey Hotel would only last for 2 nights.

To cheer us up we had a lovely day of pampering ourselves with Sam, my cousin, and just enjoyed walking around in the gorgeous village of High Wycombe.

Next stop – Battle!