After the Abbey ‘Hotel’ in High Wycombe, we were lucky to stay with our friends Alexis and Martin  who run Laughing Buddha yoga and meditation retreats near Battle and Hastings. We’ve attended a weekend retreat there before and I’d highly recommend their retreats to everyone!  Do yourself a favour and check it out  The Happiness Centre and the Laughing Buddha retreats . Seriously, I think everyone can benefit from taking some time out and ‘check in’ with themselves and take it from there. You can achieve the most amazing things within a weekend.

When we arrived at the Laughing Buddha, the manor house was full of people. Some had just finished a weekend retreat and some were visiting friends, just like ourselves. The atmosphere was welcoming and warm, like always, and you can’t help but feel at home. I met Alexis and Martin’s beautiful 6 month old daughter Evie-Grace for the first time and for the next 3/4 days her and I were BFF’s.

After a couple of months of heightened state of anxiety that accompanies the process of selling our flat, doing little maintenance jobs, packing our stuff, thinking what we need & want to keep, giving things to neighbours, friends & charities, selling the big stuff, leaving our jobs and, most importantly, leaving our friends behind for who knows how long, the retreat was an awesome space to relax and breathe for a few days. Alexis, Martin and Evie-Grace are one of those beautifully relaxed and welcoming families who you want to attach yourself to. Can I live here for ever?

The enormity of our adventure hadn’t set in until now.

I left Battle dragging my feet and with a rather large lump in my throat.