We left Battle and drove up the M25 to Hersham for one night. Susie and Triin used to be colleagues and was currently at home with her beautiful baby daughter. It seemed that our time with babies wasn’t quite over and we got to hang out with gorgeous 4-month old Alice who has the the bluest eyes I’ve ever seen. Charlie, Susie’s adorable 2 year old son arrived a bit later.  Shy at first, he later gave me his fireman hat which, I was told, was a great honour.

Susie’s husband Nick arrived and we decided that we were ready to start celebrating our adventure into the somewhat unknown and popped open the bubbles. Susie had cooked a great dinner, as always – she has a knack for creating beautiful meals. We contributed our well-kept 2001 Saint-Julien and a bottle of Bollinger to the occasion (you know, your average Wednesday night). We’re so grateful to have friends who share our love of good food and wine, and who can offer a bed for the night for us ‘homeless’. 🙂

What more can I say about this stay… great wine, great champagne, great food and great company.

Since Susie is fantastic at everything cooking, check out her latest endeavour called Pinch of Salt!