Up the M25 we go! My cousin Samantha who you may remember from my first post about High Wycombe kindly offered us a place to stay or the night before our flight very early the next morning. It was a great place to stay because Sam lives conveniently close to Luton where had to be at 4am the next morning. Furthermore, she is family so when I got really nervous and unpacked our entire life out in her living room to review and repack our bags, she let me do it without complaining that i took up all her free space!

We had a nice dinner with Sam and her handsome son Jack. It was a perfect last day in the UK with dinner, TV followed by a chill-out on the sofa. We decided to sleep in the downstairs living room to avoid waking up Jack and Sam in the middle of the night with our nervous and sleepy racket. We went to bed excited and exhausted, ready to wake up at 2:30am to catch a flight to France where we would spend the next 2 and a half weeks. Needless to say, we barely slept and the morning came way too soon.