Our good friend Ann has a holiday home in south of France and had kindly agreed for us to stay there for a few weeks. We arrived in Beziers Cote d’Azur airport, picked up our rental car and drove to Laurens, a tiny village about 45 minutes drive from the Mediterranean coast. We put our stuff down and before going to the grocery store to stock up, we decided to see what food was already in the house. We were surprised to find that the lights weren’t on in the whole house and figured a storm had tripped the fuse. The uncomfortable side-effect to a power out was the sad amount of mouldy food that had remained in the fridge for a while after the power had gone out. Long story short, it took us a few hours to deal with the aftermath of that event. It involved rubber gloves and an array of cleaning sprays, and an occasional trip to the garden for fresh air. The mixture of air travel, lack of sleep and chemical fumes made us feel quite exhausted by the end of the day, so we ended up on the sofa with a local takeaway pizza (the only place in the village that offers food in the evening!) and binge on Netflix.

Our trip in France was interesting: the start of the trip was accompanied by days of rain and a long list of chores to do with the house which, I reckon, was a fair price to pay for having a whole villa to ourselves. Along with the chores we were dealing with the anxiety caused our recent ‘heck with all and let’s travel the world’ decision. Reoccurring thoughts
aboutDSC_0691 not knowing what came next and whether we’d had made the right decision circled in our minds. In London we’d been so caught up in the whirlwind of it all so we’d had no time to stop and think, or maybe we’d been too scared to. Now, in France it was the first time we had enough time to be still and think, and anyone who knows me knows stillness is not my strong suit. I don’t think anything scares me more. The evenings spent by the fire were the anxiety antidote that I needed and I also got totally hooked on the series The Americans.


The Eurovision (Triin’s top 3 events of the year!) was also around the corner and a few friends from London came to visit us in Laurens. The wine lover, the Pescatarian, the Vegetarian and our chef. We luckily had beautiful weather that weekend most of the time so we celebrated with a barbecue, good food, and a lovely walk in the vineyards, and a trip to the beach. Well done to Ukraine for winning Eurovision.

On one of our last days in France we went to visit some friends in a nearby town called St Gervais-sur-Mare. I loved it so much that I almost abandoned our plans to travel for a year and considered to just relocate to there. The views, the river, the pub, the bakery, the sense of community and even the cemetery were absolutely amazing. There actually was a plot for sale next to Sue and Jane, so I’m just keeping that in the back of my mind as a balm for future anxious moments.

Next on the agenda was a week long backpacking trip through Italy for Triin’s birthday.