So we woke up at 6am, took a taxi to Beziers train station and said goodbye to France. We travelled from Beziers to Genoa via Marseille and Nice which was already a long journey and as a special gift a 3 and a half hour delay was added on to our trip in Nice, so needless to say when we arrived to our Airbnb in Genoa we were very late and exhausted. Luckily our host was most understanding and a super friendly Italian lady.

The next day we spent walking through Genoa, enjoying the waterfall in Villetta Di Negro, the cathedral di San Lorenzo and even got a bit caught up in a Agricultural Protest in Piazza Raffaele De Ferrari. We really enjoyed Genoa and it’s vibe, though probably the only place to avoid was the boardwalk by the Aquarium were you get bombarded by African men trying to sell you things and talk to you for ages. I was quite overwhelmed because they wouldn’t leave you alone and really target you, later we avoided eye contact and just left the area.


Other than that we seriously loved Genoa with it’s narrow passages, a constant flow of people and loads of little  fruit and veg markets to keep your fruit supply fully stocked up. We had a delicious meal a local restaurant called Gavi and I’d highly recommend it. We were given a free bottle of wine after I said that it was great wine, which surprised me cause I don’t usually have a glass of wine, but apparently i like Italian wine.

We spent absolutely ages in a spiritual shop, enjoying the sounds of all the various singing bowls. If we weren’t backpacking, we would have left with several.

Our last hour spent in Genoa, I just had to have another Yoghurt ice-cream. Best ice-cream ever and at a super friendly ice-cream shop Rosa’s Ice Cream with the owner speaking several languages.

I thought that Yoghurt ice-cream was some new invention until a couple of days later in Florence I realised it was literally everywhere. Still good though, just my new discovery then, haha.