We took a train from Genoa to Pisa which I loved, because the trains in Europe are clean and with large seats so you can just relax and take in the views.  Another bonus was that I didn’t have to deal with my carsickness.

When we almost arrived in Pisa I caught a glimpse of the Leaning Tower. It took us  25mins from the station to the Airbnb. It did dawn on us that we really are new to the concept of backpacking cause we have way too much stuff in our bags, so after walking about 10 mins we are usually sweating, cursing and re-evaluating what everything in the bag means to us.

It really is  a learning process and I’m happy to say that we do indeed learn everyday and adapt. I realise that if my bag was magically gone and I just had my passport and Triin by my side I’d be fine. So we seem to leave/give things/clothes away when realising it has no use to us. My backpack is starting to feel much better.

After a nice glass of red wine at the Airbnb and catching our breath, we were off to see the Tower of Pisa. We walked past the river and through the old town when we saw the Tower of Pisa. For no reason what so ever, I felt extremely emotional when I saw the tower and had to blink away the tears of joy. I don’t know if it was that I had seen it on TV but never really thought that this South African girl would be standing in front of it.

Strange how things make us feel. So we did the classic pushing the tower back photos and walked around it and enjoyed the Duomo. We sat on the grass for a bit and just enjoyed the view and enjoyed that it wasn’t overcrowded at all.

On our way back to the accommodation we had a pizza and beer. I really love how there is always balsamic vinegar everywhere, I think I could live here, but I’m not sure my growing waistline would agree.  At our quirky Airbnb we went up the stairs to our adult version of a bunk bed and in the bathroom they put a bicycle under the basin.

The next morning we slept in a bit before going to the station to catch a train to Florence.