Wow!!!! I love love loved it so much. So we arrived in Florence, dropped our things at the Hostel, situated beautifully – smack! – in the centre. The host was friendly, the accommodation clean with wifi and had a great location.

We took a couple of minutes to catch our breath before heading to the Piazza della Signoria with it’s many statues and tons of tourists – people watching is a must here. We then headed to the Ponte Vecchio, the 2 storey bridge – a rather odd and cool sight. The bridge is a pedestrian crossing over the river with flats on the second storey, the entire pedestrian crossing is literally just jewellery shops and nothing else. 40 or so sparkling shops, so if you are not ready to pop the question, the bridge is probably best admired from afar.

Whilst walking we saw a shop that I never thought I’d be so happy to see in my life, it was a fruit smoothie and juicing place with fresh salads. I parked myself on the nearest chair of which there were only four. Luckily for us the people that had been occupying them decided to have a coffee standing up. We had the most amazing fruit smoothies, salad and vowed to come back later for another drink.

If you have never been to Italy, here’s some advice –  if you have a drink (coffee/beer/Prosecco), you have the option to have it standing or sitting and the difference is in the price. Coffee standing up is €1.20 but sitting down is €3. When you sit, however, you might then sometimes get snacks (aperitivo), for example a bowl of crisps or even a sandwich. You will also be able  to use the toilet without the fear of being yelled at.  We got told off by an very aggressive Italian woman when we sneaked into a busy restaurant to use the toilet, like a few others. She wanted me to pay 1€  whilst loads of people had just done the same, I quickly exited the restaurant, and made a note not to go back there.

We then walked on to the Boboli Gardens and admired it for a couple of hours. It’s definitely worth a visit and you get a stunning view of Florence.


After passing by the smoothie place again we walked around and were, to our amusement, stopped by a camera crew because we were trying to see what the crowd was looking at. They quickly realised that we didn’t know what was happening, and it came to light that a large part of the road had collapsed. They were looking for our ‘impression’ of the events. We could’ve been on TV!

Piazza del Duomo is definitely my favourite place in Florence and we kept circling around it absolutely mesmerised by the beautiful Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore, with all the other people. We attempted to see the statue of David as advised in an awesome blog by Nomadic Matt but due to our random sense of time it had been shut for the day a couple of hours ago, quite typical of us.

We walked around some more and had a rather disappointing dinner, even though it had some of my beloved truffle in it. After dinner we ended up walking the streets in centre of Florence again and found ourselves at an open-air opera performance at a  in After a good night’s sleep in the noisy Florence centre (which I actually enjoyed) we checked out, luckily we could leave our luggage at the hostel for the day until it was time to catch our train to Venice. We did thoroughly enjoy Florence, it’s vibe and people watching became a sport with a glass of Prosecco in hand, of course.