By the time we were ready to book our flights from Italy to Estonia they had become so expensive that it ended up making more sense to go to Riga, Latvia and take 2 buses to Triin’s home town Viljandi. The problem was, though, that by the time our flight arrived in Riga there were no more buses that evening, so we had to stay in town for the night.

We stayed at this small hotel in Riga with a really nice receptionist guy, and a bar – what more could I ask for? Also, I have forgotten to mention, that the weather in Italy had been quite hot but then Riga was the hottest place so far we had been, with 28C – a tad ironic, don’t you think? We arrived at the hotel at 11pm and true to form during the Baltic summer – the sun still basically shining. We were starving but due to the late hour the restaurants were closed. The receptionist recommended to have something delivered, and the only thing available was pizza. We had to laugh having just left Italy, but due to fear of death by starvation we had some pizza. Again – ironic! – this wholegrain base with garden topping veggie pizza was the best one so far on our trip. I did, however, by this point have a dough ball baby bump from all the pizza, pasta, Prosecco and beer. But that night i kept with tradition and washed my pizza down with some pretty awesome Latvian beer.

Tomorrow we will reach Estonia, where this whole travelling idea originated from.

Last year we went to Estonia for a holiday with our friends Muge and Scott. Showing other people a place new to them it is like seeing it through their eyes. The berry picking, getting vegetables fresh from grandma’s garden, homemade jam, homemade cordial and the very different Estonian people. Triin and I just couldn’t stop thinking of Estonia, so had an idea to live there for a year, but then still wanted to do the America road trip Triin always dreamt of. Then because the world started becoming our oyster again, I added to the list my ideal South African road trip including Namibia, Botswana and Victoria Falls. Things then escalated as it usually does and we decided to go travelling for a year, which we now are doing. Dreams do come true!

From idea to reality took a mere 10 months and even though I don’t always know what is happening next I’m really happy that we are on this journey and looking forward to the things we do, see and achieve.