After a lovely breakfast we got on our very posh bus from Riga to Parnu. It had large comfy seats, fast wifi, and a TV. Only down side was that I listened to Triin and watched the first two episodes of Vikings and it was obviously awesome, maybe one day I can watch the rest.

Next bus from Parnu to Viljandi still comfy, with wifi, but no TV <sad face>. Anyhow, we arrived at our home for the next 3 days, a very self sufficient AirBnB in the centre of the small town. We decided to go to grandma’s house first to say hello. She lives in the the same flat Triin grew up in which is a modest one bedroom flat and would benefit from a full modernisation and renovation. You literally can see all the memories of different lives and eras in the flat with everyone’s old baby photos,  including grandma’s, and trinkets like a little statue of a dog without a face, and the old carpets.

Triin’s grandma was very happy to see us and we had a lovely lunch together. We decided to clean the flat a bit, but that would be the next day’s work. So after a long visit we promised to return the next day. We walked towards the lake and admired the beautiful houses. At the lake we enjoyed the kids jumping into the water off the wooden piers and people playing volley tennis. It’s what it sounds like, a volleyball net over which you hit a tennis ball. I always enjoyed Viljandi in the summer because there seems to be so much life and laughter.

The next day we had breakfast at trendy coffee shop conveniently next door to our accommodation  – Roheline Maja. Their pastries are not a difficult to love, let’s just say that. We went to grandma’s house armed with bleach, a new carpet, a kettle, a pan, a pot, a table cloth and a plan to bring it to the 21st century. Though for full upgrade it would need much more than a day, grandma is now the proud owner of a couple of new things, has the shiniest windows ever and a clean bathroom – all in a day’s work. “Go travelling!”, they say, “it’ll be fun!”, they say – hahaha. After lunch we returned to the lake to enjoy an ice-cream and a long walk.

The next morning after breakfast at the same place, we packed our stuff and went to grandma’s for coffee and cake before heading to Tallinn on the bus.  The slightly amusing thing was that it was the longest bus ride so far in Estonia but yet, no TV, no wifi even, oh I have so easily become the little spoilt brat. Well it ended up being a good thing because I listened to some random podcasts on Triin’s phone and stumbled upon a brilliant one called the Guilty Feminist. It was awesome because it’s about random topics and the hosts and their guests can be very inspirational, also cause the Danish host sounds exactly like my Danish friend Maibritt, bonus.