Hello Tallinn!!!! Well, hello 45 minutes outside of Tallinn. We’re in a beautiful yet tiny village called Vasalemma to visit Triin’s cousin Leenu, Matu (her fiancee) and their 6-month old twins. Matu kindly picked us up from the bus station; luckily for me most people call him Matu due to his surname. Although I’ve spent some time practicing on how to  pronounce his real name, I still can’t quite hack it. His name is Tõnis with a wave on the o and all that comes out of my mouth is Tennis or in afrikaans ToeNeus to the absolute amusement of the Estonians. We have all moved on now, I mean I’ve moved on and Matu it is.

So the lack of babies/children in our life was about to change as Leenu and Matu have 6-month old adorable twin boys. Born prematurely, they were really small but did really well and were quite strong, I might add. It truly fascinated me how they could stand but not crawl yet, we joked they might run before they crawl. We loved hanging out with them and they came in handy as cute tiny alarm clocks in the mornings.

Leenu and Matu showed us their beautiful new home which obviously had a sauna, I mean who hasn’t got one right? The building was a traditional red wooden house on the outside and super modern inside. There were only has a few houses around that we could see from the window which gave us the sense that we were in the forest. I’m in love.

Leenu always made things seem so effortless, like having twins whilst looking for and buying a house for the four of them plus their one eyed cat called Pirate (haha). I had a suspicion that Pirate thought he was a dog or he might have watched that commercial in the UK “be more dog” and took it to heart. A very eccentric cat/dog I absolutely loved, even though I had to take my allergy tablets for cuddles, which was very worth it. My friend Claire would say that I’m so very rock and roll.

Four glorious days of relaxation and helping (at least i hope we helped!) with the babies, the most effort was spent on eating – not a tough life at all. Oh, and the hammock – perfect for tanning, reading and taking naps, all of which I did. Thanks guys!!!!!