After a couple of errands Pirjo dropped us off at the Tallinn harbour, where all these massive cruise ships stood waiting. I was about to go on my first cruise.

We got on the ship, first stop our cabin for the night and after having loads of fun trying to figure out the beds (berths!) and starting out of the little window (porthole!), we went to the upper deck. We explored the bars where the parties would take place later; there was a massive duty free shop with people coming out with boxes and boxes of beer like they’d just robbed the place. It was as if during the time we were in our room a drinking competition had begun. Amongst the competitors were three men standing in a circle passing around a 1 litre bottle Jaegermeister neat. Another guy had bought a large bottle of Jim Beam and after seeing him later I would be right in assuming it had ended up being a party for one.

Also on the ship was a mini arcade, a large reception, a pub and then what we had been looking for….the legendary all-you-can-eat buffet. For 35€ per person you can eat as much as you want and included in the price are also wine and beer on tap – we quickly helped ourselves to the drinks and mountains of prawns. It’s only after I was walking to the table with food and beer in hand that I realised that the ship was moving: the horizon going up and down so I very quickly had my beer and then another. I hoped that I wouldn’t feel queasy for the entire 15 hour journey due to already suffering with motion sickness, but after 5 beers I was fine, remedy found, keep your magnetic wristbands.

The food was really good and I obviously ate more than usual but I was very mindful of not taking more food than I could actually eat and not waste anything, basically I stuffed my face a bit.  There was a lot of choice for vegetarians and even more for pescatarians – the salmon was probably the best I’ve had and the sushi was really good. We walked around in the shop, went to the arcade for a bit and then ended up in the pub whilst listening to a Bulgarian singer with a guitar. Later we made our way to the main event, a live band of all ages and all types of music. It was basically very cheesy music and a cheesy performance with accents from all over the world. So it was just fitting that we really enjoyed it. After a couple of Amaretto Sours, we called it a night at 1am.

The next morning we went to the cafe for coffee and salmon croissants. The view of the harbour in Stockholm passing all the little islands was breathtaking. At Stockholm our next mission was to get bus tickets and after a bit of a struggle we managed to get on the only bus that day going to Borlange. Four hours later we met Triin’s mom at the station and went to their awesome house in the forest by the lake.