We had to break the news to Triin’s parents that we haven’t been eating meat for about 2 months, which seems like a very bitter pill to swallow for some. I do find it very interesting how people respond – some seem irritated with the idea and others almost offended. It ends up with a 30 minute conservation about why? and am I sure? I think it wouldn’t be so much of a problem if people asked questions due to curiosity rather than contempt. To an extent, I can understand because most of the time if you visit someone they usually like to cook for you as a guest, so when they can’t make you their legendary roast lamb it’s a bit of a pickle. I can’t be at all righteous because I do remember comments that I have made in the past about vegetarians, things like: “Oh more meat for me”, “I have to eat meat – it’s part of my religion”. One friend even pointed out that I had once said that I could never not eat meat. Well, here we are – what an interesting time of my life, indeed.

I saw this documentary called Cowspiracy on Netflix and it changed my view on meat consumption, as a result I have been more curious about certain issues like consumerism and over consumption in our everyday life. Triin used to work in Oxford Street, London and I often met her for lunch. All that I ever saw were people with loads of bags from shops like Primark, Selfridges, John Lewis… The message seemed to be buy! Buy more! You can never have enough stuff! It was kind of ridiculous and i wanted to learn to make better choices as a human being.

It wasn’t just clothes and stuff that were being over-consumed. Meat consumption doesn’t get any more over the top than my house in South Africa. I remember one time I had a left over fillet steak for breakfast along with my bacon and eggs – it’s just so excessive. Triin once pointed out that our family is really trying to be the opposite of the ‘starving African’. I still can’t honestly say that I will never have meat but I have learned to be more mindful about food, people and life. Rant over. Namaste.

So, back in Sweden, after the initial surprise Triin’s mom’s kindly bought veggie patties and we enjoyed a nice evening in on the day of our arrival. The next day I finally went to the local Garden Centre, a beloved place of my mom-in-law. I managed to be ill on both previous occasions when we were due to visit the place. It was a very relaxing place with all the plants, flowers, little water features and a cafe for fika (Swedish for cake & coffee break), of course.

Later we sorted through our storage boxes we had sent to Sweden from London and 12 boxes became 10. The best moment was when I saw my bicycle and after some time finding a pump that works we cycled into the forest. I used to cycle to work, a mere 5 miles each way, but I had loved it. It was like being reunited with my love. We decided to go for a ride in the forest and I quickly realised how unfit I had become and had to take numerous breaks along the way. But the absolute joy of riding my bike again and the relief from having decided to keep my bike was awesome.

We had a nice BBQ later after I mowed the lawn, the weather was so nice and hot that I enjoyed sweating and getting more exercise. Also, the days were so long and beautiful going to bed at 11pm feels like going to bed at 4pm – the sun only sets for a few hours and the light outside remained dusk-like throughout the night. The joy of staying in a Nordic country during the summertime! It can really mess with your sleep pattern, if you’re not careful.

Another thing I was really happy about was finding my puzzle – and lucky for me – apparently Ilme also liked puzzles, so I decided to put one together. It was really fun to build it because usually I would analyse everything to shreds and not start if I couldn’t finish it. It was hard to leave an unfinished puzzle but it felt good to not always listen to my analytical side that keeps me from doing things.

The next day was Monday and Tiit and Ilme went to work. Triin and I literally just laid in the sun the entire day until they came home and then had dinner together. The following day was going to be one of those over the top travel days again going back to Estonia via train, plane and bus. We left the house at 5:30am took a train to Stockholm, flew to Riga, took a bus to Tallinn and a train to Vasalemma. I didn’t mind taking the long journey from Riga to Tallinn, because it had TV and I managed to finish the first season of Vikings and half a Toblerone. Result!!