We drove from Falls Church to Virginia Beach to Diana’s house, she’s a friend of Triin’s from Estonia and they hadn’t seen each other in over a decade. It was absolutely boiling the entire day and when we arrived Diana ran out of the house and threw her arms around Triin as they both cried. I felt like I knew her already due to all the stories Triin told me, and from Facebook. Then we met her super shy 4 year old son Aaron. We relaxed for a while before heading out to run some errands and we had some pizza from Pizza Hut, which I hadn’t been to in years. I was starting to gain weight already, especially since I used to cycle to work, eat well and go to the gym.

The next day Diana drove us through Virginia Beach and showed us some sites, by now Aaron and I were BFF’s and he promised to show me a fish game at the arcade. I enjoyed trying out some of the places I had heard of but had never been to, it was like going to McDonalds for the first time in my life and everyone else had been many times. So we went to IHOP for breakfast, they actually had a very good veggie omelette and obviously I had waffles, I didn’t need them but I had them and it was good. Next was Target and Walmart, I walked around for ages and got obsessed with a comic book for 12-years olds, which I ended up buying. I got curious if parents ever read the books their children read, so I thought I would – you’re welcome, parents. We also went to a Taco Bell, I don’t think we went to a very good one, because I had to go online to see the veggie menu and also they ended up putting chicken on my quesadilla, the burrito was good at the end.

So the next day we went to the beach in the absolute scorching heat, we did take some precautions but nevertheless the two Estonians burnt, badly and I was a tad red. We had snacks, bodyboards and an umbrella – we were armed for fun and we did have fun. The waves weren’t very big, so we got Aaron to stand on the bodyboard whilst we helped him balance, he looked like a true little surfer. It was so funny how he adores the ocean and isn’t afraid at all even though he can’t swim yet. I swam and really enjoyed the people with their little cages catching crabs quite nearby.

After we went to Virginia Beach and walked along the street and window shopped, Aaron reminded me that he still wanted to show me the fish game, it surprised me that he remembered as he was only 4 and all. So we spent some time at the Arcade, which I loved, as always. Being the fourth of July where America celebrates their independence from Britain, we started getting ready for the fireworks. Triin and I grabbed a pizza and sat on the beach watching the fireworks being shot off a boat, it was pretty cool. The funny thing was that when it ended literally the entire beach that was filled with people stood up and left all at the same time, it’s like when the club just closed. But it was much more sober, most people were there with their families and also had to drive.

It was my first fourth of July in the states and I really enjoyed it just like I enjoyed their Thanksgiving and Halloween, next will be Christmas and New Year’s.