We managed to find the most unique and beautiful Airbnb in the smallest village ever, only consisting of 12 houses and everyone knew each other. This became evident when we parked temporarily to confirm that we were at the right house and where to park, the neighbour asked where we were going and upon hearing we were staying at Troy’s told us that we could park on his property anytime.

We met Troy’s father, who was visiting and waited for Troy to finish walking his goats, yes, goats. I just knew that I was going to love this place. Troy showed us around the 3 bedroom house, all the bric a brac in the house, his home made goat’s milk soap, his beautiful garden and introduced us to his 2 dogs, 2 cats, bird and goats, I was so happy that I had brought all my stuff cause I was moving in. The spent the rest of the evening having drinks and chatting the night away.

The next day we went to Lancaster, the ambience of the town was just amazing. As we parked an uniformed gentleman with a bicycle approached us and asked where we going, to which we replied  the Market, he kindly walked us to the place. I asked him what his job entailed and he said that ‘it’s to help folks with directions or to help any way he could’.  At the Market, which reminded me a of Greenwich market in London, we enjoyed strolling past all the things to buy from veggies, meat, fish to homemade food and smoothies, we bought some food for the next two evenings and managed to make Triin a hair appointment for the following day. We drove around a bit amazed by the Amish buggies.

I can honestly say that it was the first time that we went back to our Airbnb early to spend some time with our host. When Troy arrived home he walked his goats and then took us tubing for the first time down the creek. After we made dinner and remarked to Troy that he was living a straight man’s dream with two women waiting for him and making him dinner. I loved it there having dinners together, drinks outside, tubing and chatting the night away. I can truly  say it was the most unique and best Airbnb experience ever.

The next day we did an Amish tour, they quickly take you through a typical Amish house whilst giving you loads of information. Like, the Amish children only go to school until the age of 13, they don’t use any electricity, they do use gas to cook and to do laundry. It was all very fascinating and after you walked through the village with animals and they even have a classroom. In an Amish classroom all the children of different ages would all go to the same class, little ones at the front and eldest at the back. There was an Amish lady who was going to tell a group of kids about the education there, I saw my chance to ask some questions which she kindly answered. At some point I just really started to blush, because you know when you usually ask someone about a tour it is not their ‘people’ and here I’m asking an Amish people about their life and I don’t know whether to say them or you. You also have the softer version of Amish called the Mennonites who, if I understood correctly, do have cars and they have the option to go to college if they want.

After the tour we drove back to Lancaster for Triin’s hair appointment and I went to a coffee shop to blog. I bought Triin some food cause the appointment would take 3 hours, on the way back to the salon the heavens opened and people were literally running in every direction, luckily I managed to find some shelter under a roof. After a while of being kept hostage by the rain I made a break for it, arriving at the hair salon soaked, I think it was romantic. The lady that did Triin’s hair  at the salon, did a fantastic job and even more she gave us some recommendations of where to go on our trip, one of them being Sedona in Arizona.

We went home, went for a swim and made dinner for our ‘husband’, haha. Troy as always came home walked the goats, had dinner with us and then taught us how to make goat cheese, which we enjoyed the next day. I would have loved to live there for a month looking after the goats, tending to the massive garden and learn how to make soap with goat milk. It seems like such a good and rewarding life, a place you want to do a work away experience at. We chatted as we always do to midnight and we said goodbye to each other as Troy had work in the morning and we were leaving the next day, it was time to say bye to my almost straight life.

In the morning after breakfast Triin and I swam and went tubing in the creek for hours. I truly have no idea how we managed to tear ourselves away from the creek and Pequea to be honest. What a magical little place.

We then went to a town called Intercourse, yes there’s a place called Intercourse in Pennsylvania. It was a very nice drive there from Pequea through fields of corn and Amish farmlands, the town itself is sort of a centre for local markets and businesses. We had tons of fun walking through all the local craft shops and tasting local produce. A local vineyard offered wine tastings and Triin was very happy to oblige. Another highlight was the fresh pretzel we got from an Amish bakery, it was so yum.


After enjoying everything Intercourse had to offer (khmm) we drove back to Falls Church, Virginia where Sue kindly let us stay for a couple of night whilst she and the kids were out of town. During our long drives we love listening to podcasts like My Dad Wrote a Porno (it’s hilarious!), Guilty Feminists (hilarious and thought provoking), The Moth (very inspiring and interesting stories!) and Serial (both seasons are great but the first one is a bit better we reckon). All of these, and the radio kept us entertained during our journey.

Once we arrived at Sue’s house we literally just chilled out at the house for about four days and finished Orange is the New Black. We had wifi and phone connection (whoo-hoo!) meaning we could finally change all our flights to accommodate the visa-related bump in the road (insert link!). We did visit Tyson’s Corner mall on one of the days for literally the entire day, not my favourite activity, especially tricky without a car. After a lot of to and fro we managed to get on a local bus that stopped about 15 minutes walk away from ‘home’, we were so relieved to finally get back to the house and relax for the final day before waking up at 3:30am to catch a flight to Denver, Colorado.

West coast, here we come!