Julia, an old university friend of Triin’s told us that she was having an event about two hours outside of LA and whilst only knowing that it would be something spiritual we headed to Encinitas, CA. I mean why not, very recently we drove 200km in the hopes of doing some yoga in a place called Yogaville, so we signed up to the 4-hour Breath Of Love workshop.

Once there I met Julia for the first time and despite her being really friendly and kind, I was rather nervous. I mean with Yogaville I had not idea what to expect and ended up joining an ashram for 2 days, but ironically that made the 4 hour workshop seem more manageable.

The workshop was held at Bliss Yoga near Carlsbad, CA, and consisted of a small group of people who – as traditional – introduced themselves at the start of the day. Instead of being preoccupied with my own thoughts about what i would say, I really let myself listen to each person and each story. In the past when I’ve had to introduce myself in a group, I’d be on the verge of a panic attack and quickly make mental notes of what I would say before my face gets too red for people to realise. Funnily enough this time was no different yet entirely different. I was super nervous, sweaty and red faced when it was my turn to speak but for the first time I didn’t just blurt something out, I spoke from the heart and my words surprised me. The main reason for my participation I’d thought was because Triin knew Julia and she had a workshop, right? But it’s in these moments that you realise that things don’t just happen, that maybe just maybe there is a plan.

I went travelling thinking that I would see a lot of cool places and meet interesting people and it was and still is true, but it is so much more then that. Travelling with your wife and best friend is truly an adventure in it self. You have all these new decisions to make on a daily basis, where are we sleeping, do we have food, do I still have my passport, is it safe where we are, should I shave my legs cause we might go to the beach.

I realised for the first time in my life that I wasn’t sure who I was, what I liked, and what I wanted in life. This adventure felt like it was shaping me and it wasn’t always a fun process but I was truly embracing it and enjoying the journey.The workshop was really unique and something that I can’t really explain. It involved a lot of breath work and meditation, and I remember Julia saying that we could experience many epiphanies which we could write down after the session. I ended up filling a whole page.

After the workshop we needed to find a place to stay and were rather nervous, because on the drive there it became clear it was a popular area. Apparently the coast of California is the place to go during a long weekend (yes, it was a long weekend as well!). We finally managed to find a campsite 40 minutes away from the coast, not the poshest place, but it worked out fine.  On the campsite next to us was an awesome Dutch couple in their 50s. They had hired a red convertible Mustang, bought a small tent and were trekking their way through America on a holiday. We shared wine, food and life stories with each other till late. It seems to be so much easier to share stories with strangers when it’s pretty much pitch black dark.

I was so happy to meet them and especially on that night, because there was an entire family reunion in the campsite who partied till early in the morning. On our other side were people that got extremely drunk and swore at each other on the both nights we were there. We had been spoilt with campsites until then – usually the facilities were clean and after 10pm it was quiet. There was only one exception in Cottonwood, Sedona where this dog started barking at 3am, but later that day the people came over to apologise and explained that the dog had found a skunk. Poor dog, funny story.

In the morning we shared a cup of coffee with the Dutch couple before heading off to meet up with Julia for breakfast. We ended up at this healthy restaurant and caught up on each others lives. The thing we had in common was that we’d all gone on separate journeys abroad searching for something, Julia seemed like she’d found it.

After saying goodbye to Julia, we headed for the beach and after what felt like an eternity found a place to park. Seriously, miles and miles of parked cars all along the beach stretching from one town to the next. We followed a path where we had seen people coming from the beach and were totally surprised that at the end of the path was a two metre drop. So we chucked our things down and jumped, trying to forget how we would get back later. There was a French family behind us who also did the jump and even recorded it.

The sea currents were much stronger than in Venice beach which dawned on me rather quickly as I went out with my bodyboard and saw a girl struggling to get out of the current. I swam over and gave her my bodyboard to hold on to and return to the shore. I tried to bodyboard a bit but eventually gave up and just swam or watched the pros.

We realised high tide was fast approaching and was evident when lots of people were leaving and the water was getting closer and closer to our stuff. There was basically a high rocky cliff, a small strip of a sandy beach and big waves – time to go.

The next morning Triin did a yoga session at Bliss Yoga whilst I blogged at this amazing smoothie place called Fully Loaded Micro Juicery – how California of me!– and had an unexpected therapy session with a stranger. He spoke to me about eating too much sugar and trying to be better and I continued to tell him that just to start each day as a new day and forgetting all the “bad” things you ate the day before – another life saved.

Later we drove back to LA, because we didn’t manage to see the Hollywood sign yet and had to tick that off the bucket list. Then it was on the road again and onto the next place.