After finally seeing the Hollywood sign we headed in the direction of San Francisco where our good friend Emily lives. We cruised along the Pacific Coast Highway until sunset and decided to look for a place to camp for the night. By then we’d reached Malibu and despite really trying look for celebrities and Kardashians we couldn’t locate any.  Malibu is breathtakingly beautiful and we were lucky to find the Malibu Campsite with the most amazing ocean view. The had two price categories: mountain view and ocean view which was funny because for the ocean view you’d just literally need to turn your head slightly from your mountain view campsite which was cheaper by $20.  After setting up our tent with ‘the mountain view’, we walked down the hill to Malibu Seafood Restaurant which was highly recommended to us. It had such a cool set up: the seating area was all outside, inside you ordered the food and got a buzzer that announced when you could go fetch your dinner at the little window. They also sold fresh seafood, all of which looked delicious! A fish restaurant and fish mongers in one.


We slept so well with the waves crashing onto the shore as our soundtrack for the night. The morning views were breathtaking and reminded us how lucky we are to be able to be on this journey. Not everyone is able to travel and explore as freely so we are extremely grateful for this opportunity. Namaste!

We packed up and headed down to the beach armed with a bodyboard, eager to get in the water. I wasn’t too sure about the waves as they were breaking very close to the shore but I was definitely in the moment.  There was a couple with their two kids sitting on the beach, so I tried to find a spot where I’d be least likely to embarrass myself in front of witnesses but the nicest waves were obviously  right in front of them. So I decided to ignore my gut feeling and my common sense, and of course I wiped out badly in front of them. I basically got the wave, then it broke 2 seconds later; my board hit the sand and stopped as I continued rolling in front of the couple. Nice. And safe to say I was rather embarrassed and had sand absolutely everywhere. 

I tried some more deeper waves but after one of the waves snapped the wrist strap off I decided I’d  survive better if I just swam. Triin wiped out so badly that she still had sandy seawater come out of her nose two days later. The mix of strong current and quite a narrow shoreline meant that it wasn’t the nest place for beginners to try and bodysurf. Oh well, at least it looked beautiful 🙂

Back at the campsite we had quick showers and managed to do our laundry – the joys of living out of a backpack and having limited amount of clothes.  I didn’t mind at all because whilst waiting for our clothes to dry we sat in this empty RV site blogging and soaking up the sun.

After all this we still checked out on time at 12 noon (my German heritage side was so happy) and had lunch at the Malibu Seafood Restaurant before hitting the road again.  Next stop at this point, who knows.