When we left San Francisco, Zach and Claire were very keen on us visiting the Great Basin which, sadly, turned out to be another part of the National Forest currently on fire. Summers can be deadly in the dry states. Instead, we decided to make Lake Tahoe our first overnight stop on our way to Colorado. Leaving the scenic Pacific Coast Highway and the ocean view was sad but having the famous Lake Tahoe as the destination made up for it a little. Once there, I was very excited to sleep at my first ever motel! Unfortunately they didn’t have the coin operated vibrating bed from the 60’s. Everything else was there though: the view of the parking lot, wood panel interior, ugly floral curtains and a bed cover, noisy a/c unit. I wonder if anyone gets this excited about motels… I have a strong feeling I’m alone here.  /tumbleweed/

Since it was still early afternoon, we dropped our stuff at the motel went to the lake and joined tons of holidaymakers who were enjoying the summer by swimming, paddle boarding, jet skiing, sailing and just chilling out by the shore. The pine tree forest and wooden holiday homes surrounding the lake reminded me of Estonia. It looks very nice but it’s also very ‘touristy’ if you know what I mean. We ate at a restaurant with a lake view (due to no other choice really) and the food was expectedly bland. All they could offer for a vegetarian option was a white bun with a sort of a hash brown potato patty with a slice of lettuce and tomato. We shared it because we were starving, just to have something. I swear, all the waiters were 16 and did not give a damn. Fair enough – did you really care much about your teenage summer job?  We were saved by the promise of sushi later that evening, as Triin had found a well reviewed place on google nearby our motel.

We drove back to the motel, ditched the car and went for a nice walk along our side of the lake, and enjoyed the sunset.

After watching the sunset, we walked to an amazing Hawaiian themed sushi restaurant The Naked Fish to complete the perfect day. We ate so much sushi and loved every bite – it was delicious. We try and eat vegetarian food if any suitable options are available. But if our choice is between a dry white bun and a brown burger with chips OR fresh sushi, I’m sorry not sorry – I think it’s better for my body and mind to stick with sushi.

The next morning we had breakfast at a cafe that Zach and Claire recommended and I had enormous pancakes drenched in syrup. Sorry, pancreas.

It was time to kiss goodbye to California and continue our long drive through the desertscape of Nevada. Lake Tahoe had been a very short stop but a good one at that.