We had booked a campsite in a nearby valley as Amy was at work during the day and also because it would’ve been the last time we were to camp in the States on this road trip. Safe to say that the end of the trip was constantly in the back of our minds, we just couldn’t believe that two months had almost come to an end. It felt like only yesterday we arrived in New York with our insanely large backpacks… and  we couldn’t have asked for a better place then Colorado or better company then Amy and the girls to end our journey (well, this leg at least).

After breakfast we went to check out the Ansel Watrous campsite and pitched our tent in what became our favourite campsite so far. Our tent was a stone throw away from the Cache Le Poudre River and every now and then whitewater rafters went by, too busy to even notice us. The campsite was also situated between two mountains separated by the river and a road. Sleeping there was amazing with the current of the river being so fast it was like white noise next to you. The was also a large rock half in the water that was easily accessible and any meditators dream.


I had previously spotted a drive in movie theatre and decided that we definitely weren’t passing that opportunity up, I didn’t even care what we saw. Armed with snacks and food to eat in our car, we arrived at the drive-in. They have a snack bar and as a rule they say you can’t bring own food in but we weren’t in the mood for a heart attack caused by the most awful fast food (think double deep fired donuts and cream or something). I get it, nay-sayers – they do rely on the income from food to keep going bla bla. But not on the account of my health to be honest. So we dug into our smuggled-in hummus and veggies instead.

Drive-in movies in Fort Collins, Colorado

They were showing The Suicide Squad. I was reminded by the crowds of teenagers that the locals can drive at the age of 16. That also am reminded that I’m the typical older person wishing they’d pipe down when the movie starts, which luckily happened. The drive-in experience was fun, the movie was a bit bleh, though (seriously, did anyone like The Suicide Squad?)

The next day we went to the harbour of the Horsetooth Reservoir (basically a huge lake) and rented a kayak and a paddleboard. Later Amy, Maya and her friends joined us. Amy has one of those old big pick up trucks that she uses for road trips when she’s not working. She decided to join us at the campsite for the evening to chill out. We had some dinner, some cookies and wine, pretty much a perfect evening and it was full moon. It’s actually quite difficult not to have fun in Amy’s company she’s hilarious, opinionated, sharp, travelled alot with an equally beautiful family, oh and did I mention they are all hilarious?

The next day we went back to Amy’s house and decided on family meal  together, so all the girls were summoned. Triin made an incredible vegetable lasagne, we ate, we laughed and watched TV – it was as if six  years hadn’t past since we had last saw them. One by one it was time for them to go and time for us to go to bed. The morning we had to say goodbye to Amy which was painful, we took our time gathering all our things and bid our farewell to Fort Collins.