We woke up with a dreaded feeling knowing that our two month American road trip was over. It felt so unreal. We had truly had the most amazing adventure – seeing good friends, meeting interesting people along the way and discovering some truly amazing parts of the USA. The Grand Canyon experience was my favourite and Triin really loved California (Universal Studios!), which surprised both of us.

We left Fort Collins and drove about an hour south to Denver. We’d booked an AirBnB in the city as we had to leave really early the following morning to catch our flight to Europe and that was literally the only reason for us to leave Amy’s house, to avoid a long early morning commute. Wake up call was planned at 3am, no kidding.

We checked into our bohemian Airbnb (is there any other kind in Denver?). The flat was nice. A hint of weed smoked earlier that day was hanging in the air, noticeable but not too disturbing. Our hosts weren’t home so we relaxed a bit, tried to figure out the wifi, failed, and decided to go explore the area for the afternoon.

Denver had quite a few vegetarian restaurants which usually would make us super happy. Instead, we decided to have an argument in the restaurant and ended up eating our food in silence. I hate meals like that, luckily we don’t argue much. I think the idea of our long-awaited and much enjoyed road trip coming to an end was stirring up negative emotions in both of us, the argument being the optimal way of expressing those feelings. It’s not the most emotionally intelligent way of dealing with the situation, though.

Still determined to buy a second laptop so we could blog at the same time, we went to the store and akwardly asked each others advice whilst avoiding eye contact. I have to say trying to buy something and customer service being so nice, smiley and friendly when you are upset is kind of weird.

Back at the AirBnB we were greeted by a dreadlocked couple, both high as freaking kites. The guy was actually shaking a bit. We enquired about the wifi and he told me that they’d managed to burn the router – apparently they got high and covered it with a blanket so it literally burned out from the heat.

Given that there wasn’t much else to do, we decided to share the last cookie (as we couldn’t really take it with us!) and go to bed. We woke up at 3am and drove to the airport to drop our lovely rental car and board the first of our four flights to Istanbul. At some point it dawned on me just how calm I was as usually airports make me quite nervous – having to remember everything, flying, random checks… The chillness must’ve come from the residual cookie effects.
So our marathon journey started with a flight from Denver to Charlotte, North Carolina, then to New York, then on to Zurich and ended finally in Istanbul, Turkey. Needless to say we were both beyond exhausted. New adventures await!

Sunset in Istanbul, Turkey