In the morning we loaded the car (a massive Toyota Fortuner), headed over to my brother’s house to say a final (final-final) goodbye and hit the road. Our destination was over 6 hours drive away and having our accommodation booked already we cruised towards it. For brunch we stopped at a restaurant called Spur in Piketberg. We had stopped at the same place a few years ago on our way to Namakwaland on the Garden Route. My family and I used to live in Piketberg. I don’t recall for how many years exactly  but I know I did my first year of school there; we moved around quite a bit.

Sidenote: Spur is restaurant that – if you’re from South Africa – you kind of grow up with. It’s where many birthday parties or gatherings took place  for kids (why make your own house messy for a bunch of 5 year olds, amiright?), teenagers (Spur’s 16th birthday parties were the best), or just being the cheapest place to eat. It’s orginally a steak house, but there were two things you went to Spur for: a beef burger and the “I don’t even wanna know what’s in it” sauce. Back in the day a burger cost you about R20 which was affordable for kids. The other thing about Spur was that most people who live in Hermanus had at some point in their lives worked at Spur for however long, myself included. I remember once working there on New Year’s Eve and our manager had ordered double the stock of previous year, and we *still* ran out of stuff. That’s how popular the place used to be.

After lunch we hit the road again towards Springbok. We had done a section of the journey some years before, when Triin visited South Africa for the first time, doing a road trip with my parents to Namakwaland. If you find yourself in South Africa during August, it’s an amazing trip, it feels like you are driving through a painting with a landscape filled with different colours of flowers.

After a exchange of some words it became clear that the “who’s driving” would be a bit of a problem. My idea was that we would just split it up equally giving everyone an equal chance to drive. Three out of four people had a licence and also all loved to drive. I have a thing about fairness.

We drove literally in and out again from Springbok to our accommodation located about 3km outside of town. It reminded me of a Motel in America in the middle of nowhere; it was attached to a farm and a odd petting zoo consisting of some donkeys, goats and camels who all chose to stare and snarl at us from the distance. The was a police car parked by one of the rooms and of course we wondered whether it’s there to investigate a murder or just (boring) to stay overnight. (what can i say, we’re creative thinkers!). We paid for our rooms and went for a walk taking some carrots for the animals with the hope they’d like us more. 

The sunset was absolutely breathtaking and we spent some time taking photos. After freshening up we decided to have dinner in the little restaurant at the motel. We couldn’t face driving anywhere else after spending hours in the car that day. We dined and blogged, and my parents watched their favourite show on TV. There was already a bit of an atmosphere that I hoped would resolve itself because we were only on day one of a 3 week trip. In an attempt to not totally burn our bridges I sent some of our food over to their table. The rest of the evening was spent drinking beer and blogging.

Sunset in Springbok, SA