After an amazing sleep at Weltevrede in Sesriem, we had a quick coffee and headed to a place called Solitaire. My dad knew of a roadside cafe that served breakfast, unfortunately on arrival we saw that it was in fact closed. Next to it however was a cake  shop, so we enjoyed our cake and coffee breakfast in super windy Solitaire.

Next to the car park in the garden were a display of rusted, old cars and we braved the strong winds for a couple of photos, before retreating back to the car.  Strong Wind + Sand dunes = Sand in the face. Ouch.

On the road again we drove through a part of Namibia where the scenery changed drastically again. We approached a sort of canyon where the road snakes through it, so as you are driving you can look down into the canyon. We did see a couple of old cars in the canyon as a result of previous accidents.


We drove through Walvisbay before getting to Swakopmund. Driving to Swakopmund you have this amazing sights of sand dunes to your right and the ocean to your left, I have literally never seen that in my life.

We went into town for some lunch and found a touristy restaurant by the beach, it was almost an odd sight after seeing so much land affected by the drought and sand dunes. We made our way to our Airbnb,  a 2 bedroom apartment by the beach and a place to relax and get over this annoying cold for 2 days. 

In the evening we made a simple dinner and watched a bad Afrikaans movie. It seemed to be the typical movie where a woman needs a man to complete her and everyone else just asks where the man is. 

The next day after a quick breakfast we were on the hunt for some internet because our Airbnb didn’t have wifi. The super friendly staff at the info centre helped us and we managed to book some accommodation for the next couple of days. Triin and I were by ourselves and decided celebrate our 11 and a half year anniversary, (yes we know it’s corny and no one else usually celebrates it) we struggled to find a restaurant that was actually open and had to settle on Spur anniversary lunch haha, romantic.

Back at the accommodation we went for a long walk on the beach and in the evening ended up watching three movies in a row before going to bed. I think everyone really enjoyed not having to drive for hours on end and sit still for a while plus we had a TV!!!!

The next morning we packed up and had a quick breakfast in town before hitting the road again.