We drove 500km from Tsumeb to a town called Divundu on our way towards Botswana and once we arrived there we were met by an epic sight. Imagine, if you will, for days being surrounded by sand dunes, dust and super dry air due to Namibia (already a desert) experiencing it’s third year of a draught. In Divundu is a river and for the first time I understood the meaning of “water is life”.  Before we saw a village or a small tribe every 100km in between towns, but here were so many people.

Driving along the river was jaw dropping experience, one person was washing their car, the next washing themselves, loads of people carrying water home for cooking and drinking purpose and some people swimming.

We were also the only white people in town and it was interesting seeing everyone’s individual reactions. Triin was intrigued being from Europe, my father’s alpha male chest was sticking out more, my mother refused to leave the “safety” of the car and I was checking out everyone and everything as usual. It was like we had finally arrived in Africa.  South Africa is still very much segregated meaning the white people live in one area and the black people in another, so we were very curious about our booked accommodation.  Our accommodation for the night was very nice and the staff were super friendly and told us more about the area. (I do get that I sound like a posh white person)

We later drove to see Popa Falls which was much smaller than I imagined, I was actually surprised that it was a site to see, the surrounding area was beautiful though. There was a cool restaurant and accommodation we checked out whilst having a drink.


Unfortunately we decided to have dinner at our accommodation which turned out exceptionally bad. It had really been one of the worst dinners I had had for quite some time, luckily the cabins were super comfortable with a TV and all wasn’t lost. I used my torch on the way to the cabin due to the host warning us about crocodiles, our accommodation being so close to the water. She also told us that years ago there had been many hippos in the river but there were none left.

In the morning after a good breakfast we were on the road again and on our way to Botswana. Namibia had definitely been a cool adventure, until next time.