and then we travelled the world

Triin & Charlene on the road

About us

Triin – I consider myself a citizen of the world. I’m a psychotherapist & hypnotherapist, a yoga teacher, yin yoga and mindfulness lover, travel enthusiast, adore books, love Netflix and chill. I’ve always enjoyed observing the world, its people and human behaviour. I always observe without judgement and forever with keen interest to learn more.

Charlene – Outgoing, gregarious, fun and funny, at the same time deep and insightful. I am a qualified plumber, qualified for ambulance service, love travel and climbing trees & mountains, I get excited about getting to know people and good conversations. Enjoy reading and writing. And of course, Netflix and chill.

Triin & Charlene – Conquering the world together since 2005.


By Triin

If anyone told me a year ago (in 2015) that during the following year I will quit my job, sell my house and become a backpacker (sort of), I would’ve most certainly laughed. Nervously. (Authors note in 2017: I realized that I’m not a backpacker. After 18 months of lugging a bag with no wheels on it on my back and NEVER actually having to climb a mountain with it on, I’ve gladly resorted to a suitcase. With wheels!)

But it happened. After more than a decade of “desk-slavery”, I finally had had enough. The realisation didn’t just come to me overnight, not at all. There were many self-improvement programs attended, books read (shed loads! the multiple large boxes filled with books currently stacked at my mom’s garage in Sweden are the proof), courses finished, horrible commutes survived, and boring days filled with mundane tasks endured to help me along the way. It’s not like I just decided to start drinking green smoothies one day and suddenly – voila! – a change happened. I wish it did.

(Side note: I like green smoothies. these actually help with general well being. I might even share a recipe later.) 

The thought of being homeless is still a bit weird. A month into my travelling the world with Charlene, my partner (in life and crime) it still feels slightly like we’re on holiday. Like we’ll go back to our home in London soon where we can do our washing and continue watching Netflix. But we’re not. Going ‘back’. There is no back. There is just now and forward. The forward-looking part is relatively easy: planning next trips, travel tickets, overnight stays, logistics – it’s almost an escape from the fear of the unknown, letting the various confirmation emails soothe our souls. Enjoying the present, the here-and-now, that’s the real challenge as I’m so conditioned to forward plan.

So, since the 29th April 2016, I and Charlene have travelled to the following countries: UK, France, Italy, Estonia, Latvia, Sweden, USA (east coast, west coast and Colorado), South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Spain, France (again but it was the Pyrenees so it’s almost like a different country!), India, Indonesia, Australia, New Zealand (new blog enters coming soon!), and we have currently resided in Estonia. I know it’s a bit cheeky to count the UK as we came from there but I don’t really care, haha! The first impressions of travelling include fear, confusion, frustration, and the realisation that even after getting rid of most of my clothes and belongings, I *still* seem to own too much. Carrying all your everyday worldly possessions on your back makes you reconsider these extra pairs of shoes real fast.



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