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Triin & Charlene on the road

Our favourite recipes and books

Food glorious food!

We love food. We have very good intentions about vegetarianism and even veganism which sometimes work out well and not quite so well at other times (i.e. in a Namibian desert where they only serve meat). Anyway, we keep trying our best and we have done pretty darn well in the past few months.

We’d like to share with you our favourite vegetarian & vegan recipes that have sustained and pleased us during our travels. Hopefully you will find them as delicious as we do!


Books because we’re clever

Books have always been Triin’s favourite. They are the friends who never betray or desert you, who always have stories to tell and who invite you into their world as equal, no strings attached. In fact, most of our boxes stored at Triin’s mom’s house in Sweden are filled with books. The library in our new home someday is going to be amazing!

Reading whilst living out of a backpack sounds like a super easy thing to do, right? Honestly, it’s quite tricky. The constant change of scenery, the huge amounts of visual, auditory and kinaesthetic stimuli thrown at us every day makes the mind tired, too tired even. Focusing on a book and reading words can be too much. Plus then there is the actual physical side of carrying a book with you – it’s heavy and bulky. I’m not a massive fan of a kindle, #oldskool.

However, we have found some great literature along the way and we’d like to share our treasures with you. Happy reading!




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